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Now is the Time: Save Money on Your LASIK Eye Surgery

Posted by Illinois Eye Center on Nov 28, 2018 8:42:00 AM

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Save on your LASIK eye surgery at illinois eye center

If you’ve been considering LASIK surgery but haven’t quite gotten around to scheduling your appointment, you’ve got a new incentive to jump on it. You’ll save $750 off the cost of your LASIK surgery when you complete your FREE consultation by December 31, 2018. 

Get a Free LASIK Consultation
At the LASIK Institute at Illinois Eye Center, LASIK surgery starts with a free consultation. During your free consultation, your vision will be evaluated, and you’ll get to meet the medical team who will be in charge of your care. Knowledge is power, and the more comfortable you are with the ins and outs of LASIK and our team, the better you’ll feel going into the procedure – and that’s a win for all involved.

As part of your complimentary consultation, we’ll review your eye history, look at your current prescription, and review your overall health. We’ll also discuss your expectations for the procedure and go over possible results.

Explore Interest-Free Financing
Even with a discount, you may need addition resources to help cover the cost of LASIK. Since LASIK is considered an elective surgery, your insurance policy may not apply. Instead, you can look into CareCredit®, a healthcare credit card that allows you to get LASIK now and then settle your balance using a low monthly payment plan. Depending on your application details, you may be eligible for deferred interest or a fixed payment/reduced APR plan.

Need more reasons to invest in life-changing vision correction at a mega discount just in time to greet 2019? Sign up to attend one of our upcoming LASIK seminars!

*Discount applies only when LASIK is performed on both eyes. Consultation must be completed by 12/31/2018.

Save money on LASIK surgery at the LASIK Institute at Illinois Eye Center

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