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LASIK Surgery: Five Reasons to Fall in Love with Your Vision

Posted by Illinois Eye Center on Feb 14, 2018 8:03:00 AM

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Five-reasons-to-get-LASIK.jpgYou’ve come to a point in your life where you’re sick and tired of wearing contact lenses and glasses – meaning it’s highly likely that you’ve been considering LASIK eye surgery. Many Americans undergo the LASIK procedure because of its high success rate, fast healing time and extraordinary results. If you’re considering undergoing laser corrective surgery, here are five reasons LASIK surgery will make you fall in love with your vision.

  1. Set aside your glasses or contacts: Following your successful LASIK procedure, you’ll have more freedom from worrying about misplacing your glasses or losing a contact again! You’ll be able to socialize and tackle your busy day without the need to wipe smudges off your lenses or get dust out of your contacts. When you have your vision corrected with LASIK, you can worry less about budgeting money or time buying new frames or contacts.
  1. See what you want, when you want: Imagine opening your eyes in the morning and reading your alarm clock – without having to fumble around for your glasses. For men and women with lifelong vision problems, this concept may seem outright impossible and unbelievable. With a visit to the LASIK Institute at Illinois Eye Center, decades of blurry vision can be a thing of the past, giving you the clarity you deserve.  
  1. Embrace an active lifestyle: LASIK is a competitive option for most casual and professional athletes, because of the corrective-lens-free vision that can be achieved. By helping eliminate visual errors and minimizing inconveniences, LASIK is an excellent and safe option for those who are “on the go” and engage in a dynamic routine.  
  1. Very little downtime: Sometimes, life-changing medical procedures require you to take weeks away from work and your normal activities. Thankfully – that’s not the case with LASIK surgery. In fact, it’s not unusual for those who have undergone LASIK to return to work and their normal routines within a few days. Following your procedure, your LASIK surgeon will tell you when it is safe to resume to any rigorous activity. This is often just a brief amount of time, and very important in order to ensure your eyes are well healed.
  1. Long term savings: LASIK is considered an elective procedure, which means insurance typically will not cover the cost. However, an important factor to consider when thinking about LASIK is the potential for long-term savings. Over 20 years, LASIK surgery could cost less than the total cost of purchasing and maintaining glasses, contacts, and any necessary supplies. And this February, you’ll save $1,000.00 on your LASIK surgery when you schedule your free consultation by February 28.

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