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LASIK Eye Surgery: Because You're Sick and Tired of Wearing Glasses

Posted by Illinois Eye Center on Sep 7, 2016 2:00:00 PM

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LASIK-eye-surgery-sick-of-wearing-eyeglassesOf course you’ve heard people talk about LASIK eye surgery. Maybe even a friend or family member has recommended it to you. So, how long have you been wearing eyeglasses? Do you need glasses just to read this post? How about when driving, playing sports, or swimming? How many times a day do you notice little spots and smudges on your lenses? Ever broken your frames and had to spend time and money on a replacement pair? Let’s rephrase all of that: are you sick and tired of wearing glasses?

It’s okay to admit it! Every glasses-wearer knows the frustration of their lenses fogging up in the cold, the windshield-like effect when it starts to rain, the feeling of resignation when you look through those blurry, cleaned-with-your-shirt lenses and think, “that’s as good as they’re gonna get”. 

That’s not to say that eyeglasses are a burden. They’re far from it! But the inconvenience of having to wear corrective lenses is not hard to notice. How many times have you wanted to try on a new pair of sunglasses and remembered you’re limited to prescriptions? Even with contacts, constantly buying new lenses and solutions, applying and reapplying, worrying about losing a lens…well, some of us just aren’t meant to wear glasses our whole lives.

You’ve probably heard people use the phrase “life changing” when talking about the LASIK procedure. Yes, it’s true that 97% of all LASIK surgeries are considered successful in their goal of eliminating the need for corrective lenses entirely. It’s true that LASIK only has a day or two recovery time. And it’s true that the procedure is performed at Illinois Eye Center with the most advanced blade-free LASIK technology available.

So if you’re sick and tired of glasses, fed up with contacts, and imagining a lifestyle free from corrective lenses – it’s time to do something about it. You can learn more about LASIK at Illinois Eye Center here, or sign up for a free consultation and see if it’s right for you. We also offer a free LASIK seminar each month, and all attendees receive $500 off the cost of LASIK.

You don’t have to settle for glasses for another day! 

Request your free LASIK consultation today.


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