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It’s Time to Clear the Fog With $750 Off LASIK

Posted by Illinois Eye Center on Jul 1, 2020 9:00:00 AM

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IEC_Lasik_Mask_FacebookAd_1200x628In a world where we are all wearing masks regularly now, simple things like wearing your glasses daily can become a bit more challenging. If you find that every time you put on your face mask your glasses get fogged up, you are not alone. The only thing worse than wearing a mask, is wearing a mask with glasses. So if you’ve been considering LASIK for a while, now is the perfect opportunity to get it done.

It’s time to clear the fog with $750 off LASIK.

During the month of July, Illinois Eye Center is offering a great incentive for you to jump on. If you schedule your FREE consultation by July 31, 2020, you will save $750 off of the cost of your LASIK surgery.

Want to see clearly now? Get a Free LASIK Consultation

At the LASIK Institute at Illinois Eye Center, LASIK surgery starts with a free consultation. During your free consultation, your vision will be evaluated, and you’ll get to meet the medical team who will be in charge of your care. Knowledge is power, and the more comfortable you are with the ins and outs of LASIK and our team, the better you’ll feel going into the procedure – and that’s a win for all involved.

As part of your complimentary consultation, we’ll review your eye history, look at your current prescription, and review your overall health. We’ll also discuss your expectations for the procedure and go over possible results.

If you’ve been contemplating getting LASIK during quarantine, consider this special the encouragement you’ve been looking for to move forward with the procedure. LASIK is a life changing experience as it can enhance your everyday life.

To learn more about the procedure, watch our two primary LASIK surgeons - Dr. Evan Pike and Dr. Yannis Kolettis – explain what LASIK is, what to expect from the procedure, and who is a potential candidate in our LASIK webinars.

Don't miss your opportunity for better vision. Request your consultation online today or call our office at (309) 243-2400.

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