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5 Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy in Your 20s and 30s

Does Staring at a Screen All Day Hurt Your Vision?

Illinois Eye Center’s COVID-19 Update

5 Tips for Saving Your Vision During Save Your Vision Month

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Side Effects Associated with LASIK Surgery

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5 Foods for Eye Health

How Smoking Affects Your Eye Health

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Top Vitamins for Eye Health

IEC is Celebrating Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month

Our End-of-Year LASIK Eye Surgery Limited Time Offer

Post-LASIK Surgery Restrictions

7 Eye Safety Tips for Home Eye Safety Month

Top Eye Injury Statistics for Eye Injury Prevention Month

6 Causes of Corneal Disease

Prevent Eye Injuries with Sports Eye Safety Month

Is it Fall Seasonal Allergies or Dry Eye?

4 Smart Ways to Prepare for LASIK Eye Surgery

4 Essential Vision Tips for Healthy Aging Month

A Quick Look at Cataracts

Know the Facts: Top LASIK Statistics You Should Know

Illinois Eye Center's Optical Boutique: Where Fashion and Function Meet

Children's Eye Health & Safety Month: When to Suspect Childhood Eye Problems

The Perfect Age for LASIK

Who is The Right Candidate for Cataract Surgery with Vision-Correcting IOLs?

Are You a Good Candidate for LASIK?

21st-Century Problems: The Truth About Digital Eye Strain

5 Explosive Tips to Help Keep Your Eyes Safe on the Fourth of July

3 Top Reasons to Get LASIK for the Summer

How to Survive Allergy Season with Your Eyes (and Contacts) Intact

Healthy Vision Month: How You Can Protect Your Eye Health

3 Things Women Can Do to Protect Their Eye Health

What Are Cataracts? Plus, Your Options for Cataract Surgery

Why Kindergarten Eye Exams Are So Important

Contact Lenses That Change in the Light–Now Available at Illinois Eye Center!

How to Detect Retinal Detachment Early - And What to Do About It

Limited Time Offer: Schedule Your LASIK Consult Today and Save!

Three Exciting New Ways to Treat Dry Eye Syndrome

Low-Vision Awareness: What You Need to Know About AMD

Andrew Benedict, O.D., Now Seeing Patients at Illinois Eye Center

New Year, New You: Changing Your Life With LASIK

3 Things You Should Know About Cataract Surgery

Safe Toys and Gifts Month: How to Protect Your Child’s Eyesight

Illinois Eye Center Gives Thanks This Holiday Season

Now is the Time: Save Money on Your LASIK Eye Surgery

What optomap Can Tell You About Your Eyes

Diabetes and Eye Disease: What You Need to Know

Take Advantage of End-of-Year Savings on Your LASIK Eye Surgery

World Sight Day: A Global Look at Blindness and Preventative Care

The Life-Changing Benefits of LASIK

Three Things to Know About Vision and Aging

Keep it Clean: A Quick Guide to Contact Lens Health

Children's Eye Health and Safety: 3 Back-to-School Eye Care Tips for Kids

3 Reasons Why You Need to Get LASIK Before You Go Back to School

It's World Orthoptic Day!

5 (Amazing) Things You Need to Know About LASIK Surgery

4 Smart Ways to Celebrate Healthy Vision Month

Learn About LASIK: Just in Time for Summer!

optomap: Now Offered at Illinois Eye Center!

Why Sports Eye Safety Month is Important

Cataract Surgery: Three IOLs That Will Change Your Vision

Why Save Your Vision Month is so Important

LASIK Surgery: Five Reasons to Fall in Love with Your Vision

Everything You Need to Know About AMD

LASIK for the New Year

Glaucoma Awareness: 4 Facts You Need to Know

Keep Pink Eye Out of Your Holiday Plans

Save Money on Your LASIK Surgery - 0% Financing Available!

Routine vs. Medical Eye Exams – What’s the Difference?

We're Thankful This Holiday Season

Receive $750 Off Your LASIK Surgery - 0% Financing Available!

Cataracts and IOL Options at Illinois Eye Center

Dr. Jacqueline Crow Achieves Fellowship at the American Academy of Optometry's Annual Meeting

4 Eye Safety Tips to Avoid a Real-Life Horror Story This Halloween

Save Money on Your LASIK Surgery With 0% Financing at Illinois Eye Center

LASIK: Say Goodbye to Corrective Lenses This Fall

September is Healthy Aging Month

Illinois Eye Center Doctors Named to Prestigious Best Doctors in America List

Pursue a Career as an Ophthalmic Technician - New Training Program at Illinois Eye Center

Are Your Eyes Ready? Tips to Safely View the August Solar Eclipse

How You Can Avoid Contact Lens Problems

Does LASIK Surgery Hurt?

Am I a Candidate for LASIK Surgery?

Cataract Awareness

World Orthoptic Day

4 Reasons You Need to Get LASIK Surgery in Time for Summer

Cataract Surgery Can Help Lessen Your Dependence on Glasses

Kindergarten Comprehensive Eye Exams

LASIK Surgery is a Game Changer for Athletes

Women’s Eye Health and Safety

LASIK Recovery – What You Can Expect

Eye Care Tips During Save Your Vision Month

LASIK in the Military

Eye Twitching: Why it Happens and When to Call Your Eye Doctor

WaveLight®: The Most Advanced Form of Blade-Free LASIK

January is National Glaucoma Awareness Month – Protect Your Sight

Say Goodbye to Your Cataracts and Hello to Multifocal IOLs

How LASIK Surgery Improves Your Quality of Life

Cost of LASIK: How the Procedure Saves You Money

Advancements in the Treatment of Cataracts

Diabetic Eye Disease - Early Detection

Ask the Doc: What Impact Does Diabetes Have on My Eye Health?

The Day-of: Your Guide to the LASIK Procedure

Ask the Doc: LASIK FAQ - Everything You Wanted to Know About LASIK But Were Afraid to Ask

Preventing the Spread of Pink Eye: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Cataracts and UV Exposure: Is There A Correlation?

LASIK Eye Surgery: Because You're Sick and Tired of Wearing Glasses

Ask the Doc: Dry Eye Syndrome - Do I have dry eye syndrome? I need relief!

Traumatic Cataracts

Getting Ready For Back-to-School: The Basics of Children’s Eye Care and Safety

Treating Astigmatism With LASIK

Ask the Doc: How Can I Tell if My Child Has a Vision Disorder?

Your Eye Care Professional Will See You Now

Is It Time for LASIK?

Eyewear Designed For You: The Importance of the Fit

Ask the Doc: What is Digital Eye Strain?

LASIK Surgery: Simplify Your Life

7 Things You Should Know About Cataract Surgery

Cataract Surgery Recovery: What to Expect After Your Surgery

Protect Your Eyes From Firework-related Injuries

Getting Comfortable in Your Own Lenses: Contact Lens Compliance

6 Factors to Consider When Deciding on a LASIK Eye Center

Nutrition and Cataracts

Ask the Doc: What's the Best Intraocular Lens for My Cataract Surgery?

LASIK Surgery: Frequently Asked Questions

8 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Eyeglasses at Illinois Eye Center

The Benefits of Vitamin A on Your Eye Health

Ask the Doc: Will LASIK Surgery Work for Me?

Celebrate Spring Break with a New Pair of Sunglasses

Living a Bright Future: The Importance of Cataract Eye Surgery

Workplace Eye Wellness Month: Protect and Prevent Eye Injuries

Ask the Doc: When is a Corneal Transplant Needed?

Say Goodbye to Your Cataracts: Treatment and IOL Options

Use Your FSA Dollars on a New Pair of Eyeglasses

LASIK Eye Surgery: 8 Questions to Ask Your Eye Surgeon

Age-Related Macular Degeneration: How to Detect, Treat, and Help Prevent

Ask the Doc: What is Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)?

LASIK Eye Surgery: New Year, New Vision

Glaucoma Awareness: Symptoms, Definition, and Prevention

Ask the Doc: What's the Difference Between Open-angle and Closed-angle Glaucoma?

Inflammatory Eye Disease (Uveitis): Causes and Treatments

Color Blindness: Is it all black and white?

LASIK Eye Surgery: 10 Key Facts

Illinois Eye Center Gives Thanks This Holiday Season

Ask the Doc: Diabetic Eye Disease - How Does Diabetes Affect the Eyes?

Implantable Contact Lenses: For Those Who Aren't Candidates for LASIK

Smoking Perpetuates the Development of Cataracts

Dr. Pike Completes Training on New Procedure for Cornea Transplants

Ask the Doc: How Long Does LASIK Eye Surgery Last?

Cataract Culprits

How to Pay for LASIK Eye Surgery

Ask the Doc: Corneal Abrasions-What are the symptoms?

LASIK Eye Surgery: How It Works

LASIK Eye Surgery for Athletes

Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Eyes

Prevention: Sports and Eye Protection

Ask the Doc: Health Conditions Detected Through An Eye Exam

Comprehensive Eye Exam: Be Prepared for Your Next Appointment

Cataracts: When It's Time for Cataract Surgery

Glaucoma Prevention and Risk Factors

Cost of LASIK Eye Surgery: Your Return on Investment

What is Orthoptics?

Your Eyes and the Sun: Most of us love the sun, if only it loved us back!

Restoring Clarity- Intraocular Lens Implant Options at IEC

How to Keep Your Children’s Eyes Healthy and Safe

LASIK: Why it's worth it

Cataracts May Be Clouding Your Vision

Ask the Doc: I’ve been told I have a cataract – what’s next?

June is Firework Safety Month- Protect Your Eyes!

National Sunglass Day is June 27th

LASIK: How can I pay for it?

Ophthalmologist, Optometrist or Optician - What's the Difference?

Ask the Doc: How can I protect my eyes from harmful UV rays?

May is Ultraviolet Awareness Month – Protect Your Eyesight

Why Yes, You Are Awake During LASIK Eye Surgery

Attention Women: Your Eye Health is Serious Business

How to Find the Perfect LASIK Eye Surgeon

National Eye Donor Month Promotes Eye Donation Awareness While Celebrating the Lives of Eye Donors and Corneal Recipients

Dry Eye Syndrome: A Look at the Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Options

Protecting Your Vision in the Workplace: Give Your Eyes a Break

Ask the Doc: Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

New Glaucoma Treatment Available in Peoria, IL at Illinois Eye Center

What You Need to Know About Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Ask the Doc: Does glaucoma have any symptoms?

How LASIK Eye Surgery Can Change Your Life

Glaucoma: The Silent Thief of Sight

Ways Cold Winter Weather Affects Your Eyes

Getting the Facts on Cataracts

LASIK Surgery and Monovision: A Solution For Some Patients

Eye Complications and Diabetes

Cataract Surgery: A Look at IOL Options


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