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LASIK Gives Aaron a Clearer View of All He's Accomplished

Posted by Illinois Eye Center on Sep 2, 2020 9:00:00 AM

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At the end of a long day on the farm, Aaron likes to look out over the fields to see what he has accomplished. To appreciate the view fully, though, Aaron relies on contacts for sharper vision.


Like many of us, Aaron never liked wearing glasses, even as a kid. He was an active young man who likes to play golf and other sports; glasses always seemed to get in the way. Fortunately, his parents agreed to let him try contacts while he was in high school. Contacts never posed a problem for Aaron, so he ditched his glasses almost completely for several years.


That all changed recently, though, when an eye infection prevented Aaron from wearing contacts. Just putting the contacts in irritated his eyes, but he found wearing glasses to be almost as uncomfortable. To avoid ever facing this dilemma again, Aaron decided to look into LASIK. A few of his friends had undergone the procedure at Illinois Eye Center, so Aaron made an appointment for a consultation. Aaron asked several questions during his consultation, and the doctor’s answers made him feel confident that he was a good candidate for LASIK surgery.


On the day of surgery, the doctor talked him all the way through the procedure, and this made Aaron even more comfortable in his choice. He found the use of lasers fascinating, and he discovered that the procedure really is just as fast and painless as everyone said it would be.


LASIK surgery was also as effective as he had hoped. Aaron recalls waking up after the procedure, and looking at a clock across the room – he was thrilled to be able to see the clock clearly enough to read the time without the use of glasses or contacts. He remembers thinking, “This is the coolest thing ever!”

For the first time in his life, he had the excitement of waking up to see things clearly, without having to don a pair glasses or put in contacts. Now Aaron can look back over his fields and get a clear look at all he has accomplished that day.


“I wish I had done it years ago, to be honest.”


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