Y LIFT®: A Youthful Appearance Without Surgery, Y Not?

Posted by Aesthetics on Sep 21, 2015 3:30:00 PM

Y Lift ProcedureFriends, I have to tell you about Y LIFT®. It’s truly an amazing procedure. No incisions, stiches or general anesthesia – that’s Y LIFT®.

The treatment gets its name from the natural shape of the face. A youthful face is wider at the cheekbones and narrows towards the chin. As we age, the natural Y shape flattens as the face loses volume, leading to wrinkles, loss of shape, and puffy or sunken areas. Y LIFT® restores lost volume to those areas of the face giving a revived, youthful appearance.
The key to Y LIFT® is the specialized instrumentation, placement and technique. By using your facial features as our guide, we achieve youthful and authentic results beyond any other filler techniques. The entire procedure takes about an hour and the results are immediate.

I had the pleasure of receiving hands-on training from the creator of the Y LIFT®, Dr. Yan Trokel. I am passionate about this procedure because the results are so authentic and flattering, and the downtime is none! Y LIFT® is the perfect procedure to rejuvenate your face to its natural, youthful glow. I’ll be with you every step of the way to make sure you leave looking and feeling your absolute best.


Dr. Cuite

Instantly enhance, restore and rejuvenate your natural features with Y LIFT. Request your consultation.

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