Y LIFT: The Non-Surgical Facelift of Your Dreams

Posted by Aesthetics on Jul 6, 2017 8:02:00 AM

Is it possible to get a facelift without surgery? What once seemed like little more than a pipe dream is now possible thanks to cutting-edge innovation. Aging can be a struggle, especially when what you see in the mirror doesn't seem to match how you feel inside. When surgical intervention doesn't feel quite right, reach for the results you crave and explore the groundbreaking procedure that is the Y LIFT®Nonsurgical facelift y lift


The biggest benefit of a Y LIFT relates to the natural shape of your face. If you look at your face’s natural contours and draw a line from your chin to your forehead, you’ll see that shape naturally widens as it reaches your cheekbones and then eye area. This is a fantastic example of the Y shape. This revolutionary treatment is built on preserving and highlighting your existing form and structure, while also subtly but noticeably turning back the hands of time.

The combination of natural aging processes and gravity can cause a loss of volume and sagging skin. The arms of that Y shape begin to sink and taut lines soften into sunken ripples that make us appear older than we feel. The solution lies in Y LIFT’s incredible volumizing and support system that accentuates your very best attributes in a truly beautiful way.

The Truth About Y LIFT Results

There’s a reason why the Doctor Oz show’s Dr. Mehmet Oz has dubbed the Y LIFT “the 30-minute miracle facelift.” In just 30 minutes, certified Y LIFT provider, Dr. Catherine Cuite, can recontour your face and deliver practically instantaneous results. Best of all, the procedure is non-invasive, and you’ll never have to deal with general anesthesia, life-disrupting downtime, or nasty scars that serve as a tell-tale sign that you’ve “had a little something done.”

Eager to see Y LIFT results in action? Check out our before and after gallery to see what the best non-surgical facelift has done for patients just like you.

At Aesthetics at Illinois Eye Center, our Dr. Cuite is the first certified Y LIFT doctor to offer this non-invasive facelift in Peoria, Illinois. To see if Y LIFT is right for you, call our Aesthetics Coordinator, Michelle, at (309) 243-3875. A younger, happier, more balanced you will be waiting just around the corner!

Instantly enhance, restore and rejuvenate your natural features with Y LIFT. Request your consultation.

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