The Pros and Cons of HydraFacials

Posted by Aesthetics on Sep 9, 2020 9:00:00 AM

106505999_sHydraFacial is an advanced non-invasive facial treatment that improves common skin imperfections and brings out skin’s natural radiance. Unlike other facials that address only one or two issues, HydraFacial treats wrinkles, fine lines, mild acne, oily skin, enlarged or clogged pores, dark spots and hyper-pigmentation that cause signs of early aging. HydraFacial treatments leave skin firm, well hydrated, and youthful-looking. As with any treatment, HydraFacials have lots of pros and very few cons.


Pros of HydraFacial

HydraFacial treatments provide many cosmetic benefits.


The HydraFacial procedure is safe

There are no known serious side effects, such as severe irritation or excessive redness, associated with HydraFacial treatments. This is especially important for those with sensitive skin.


HydraFacial is gentle

HydraFacials are very similar to microdermabrasion in that they remove the top layer of dead skin cells to renew overall skin tone and texture. The two procedures are different in that microdermabrasion treatments scrub away the layer of skin, whereas HydraFacial treatments use a vacuum-like tip to gently and effectively remove the layer of skin while infusing in serums that are beneficial for your skin.


No downtime

Many cosmetic procedures involve a recovery period that can last for days or even weeks, and prevent someone from going to work or socializing. Fortunately, HydraFacials do not involve any downtime for recovery – you can resume your normal activities right after the procedure is over.


Immediate results

Unlike many procedures, you can see the results of HydraFacial treatment instantly – you will notice an improvement in your aesthetic appearance after the first session! However, achieving optimal benefits may require several treatments.



Your cosmetic professional can adjust the serums and tips used in HydraFacial treatment to suit your specific skin type and texture.


Cons of HydraFacial

No cosmetic procedure – including HydraFacial – is perfect. It may be a time-consuming procedure, for example, you may need to undergo several sessions to achieve the desired results. The results of HydraFacial treatment may vary from person to person too, depending on skin type.


HydraFacial is an advanced procedure that produces exceptional results immediately, with no downtime or serious side effects. When it comes to treating common skin imperfections, HydraFacial treatment is reliable and effective.


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