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Posted by Illinois Eye Center on Aug 6, 2015 4:47:00 PM

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Hello Friends!

Wanted to give you the inside scoop on how I chose to offer SkinMedica® in my own practice, and why I continue to use it exclusively on my own skin…

I am first and foremost a scientist. It’s who I am and how I think. SkinMedica is the only scientifically-based line of skin care; their bench research is done onsite and their legacy is in understanding how healthy skin keeps itself beautiful. This company really gets skin and they have more scientific publications and more current technology than any other line on the market – period. So that’s how I chose. Why I use it myself is way more personal. SkinMedica-Dr-626747-edited

Like many of you, I shopped around for products for a few decades, tried the big box brands and obscure organics; throwing my money away. Then I used TNS essential serum. WOW. The results, friends, that’s why I stay. You see, TNS Essential is the essential ingredient in keeping skin healthy. It contains 94% of the molecules produced by healthy human fibroblasts. Each bottle contains tissue growth factors that act locally on the skin to stimulate your skin to repair itself.

When you join me in the 90-day boot camp, you will use TNS Essential Serum, plus Lytera or Retinol (long known by dermatologists to increase skin’s natural renewal rate), or whatever special ingredients our team recognizes at your consult are ideal for your particular skin health. In three short months you will have different skin – it’s that simple. Really.

Michelle and I are so excited to bring this technology to you. Most women spend over $1,000 per year on skin care products that don’t really work. And, unless these products are helping you look better each year, you are too. Come over from the dark side! Call us and join the 90-day boot camp challenge and totally remake your skin. I did. I’m almost 49 and my pictures don’t lie!


Dr. Cuite

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