KYBELLA®: For Your Double Chin Woes

Posted by Aesthetics on Dec 8, 2016 8:03:00 AM

Kybella Double Chin Woes

What kind of crunches combat chin fat? The answer, unfortunately, is none. If you’re suffering from double chin woes, then you’ve probably already discovered that submental fullness isn’t the kind of “trouble spot” that you can target through diet and exercise. Once upon a time you were destined to live with that disappointment, but now you have another option with KYBELLA®.

Chin Up – How KYBELLA® Improves Your Profile

KYBELLA® is a prescription injection containing the active ingredient deoxycholic acid, a substance that is naturally produced by your body and used to absorb fat cells and then break them down. While the acid is normally aimed at dietary fat, it’s now also used to address fatty deposits like – you guessed it – a double chin. Once injected, the solution obliterates pesky fat cells, leaving a slimmer, more streamlined profile in its wake.

Revolutionizing Non-Invasive Aesthetics

So, how special is KYBELLA®? As the first and only non-surgical double chin removal technique currently on the market, this FDA-approved solution is every bit as progressive as it sounds. Best of all, it’s a non-invasive way to reduce chin fat without undergoing surgery, dealing with sutures or scars, or committing to excessive discomfort and downtime. Your expertly trained KYBELLA® specialist will examine your chin, gain an understanding of your aesthetic goals, and then recommend a course of treatment. Each session typically lasts less than 20 minutes and you’re on your way.

A Long-Lasting Solution

Part of the brilliance of KYBELLA® is its permanence. Unlike some cosmetic procedures that require regular office visits or continual touch-ups in order for you to maintain your results, KYBELLA® actually destroys the fat cells it attacks. After those fat cells are gone, they’re gone for good! You could start seeing results in as little as two to four sessions, and once you’re satisfied with your new contours, your treatment is considered complete. No more turtlenecks, no more ducking out of photos, and no more slumping in your seat. You finally have the opportunity to change not just how you look, but more importantly how you feel. KYBELLA® is a big step for aesthetics, but it can be an even bigger boost for your confidence.

More than 1,600 people across 20 clinical studies participated in the development of this life-changing product, and the results have been remarkable. To see just how incredible the results of this injectable treatment can be, check out our KYBELLA® before and after photo gallery.

Are you ready to ditch your double chin for good? Call our Aesthetics Coordinator, Michelle Ford, at (309) 243-3875 to schedule a consultation and discover what KYBELLA® can do for you.

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