Get Your Glow on With Xen-Tan Premium Sunless Tanner

Posted by Aesthetics on Feb 4, 2015 10:00:00 AM

Sunless Tanner available at Aesthetics at Illinois Eye CenterAre you missing your summertime glow? Aesthetics at Illinois Eye Center has the solution for you. We are pleased to offer the award winning Xen-Tan® sunless tanning lotion. Now you can stay out of the sun’s harmful rays and still get that warm summer glow. The key to realistic color in sunless tanning is a true olive undertone, and Xen-Tan gives even the fairest skins the look of natural and safe summer color.

Xen-Tan is a once-a-week sunless tanning lotion that gives you a deep, rich color with just one application. And the best part is that you can go about your daily activities while your tan develops over time. Within 2-3 hours after application, you’ll develop a natural-looking tan that can last up to 7 days. Put it on before going to bed if you use darker colored sheets. Or wait just 15 minutes after tanning to get dressed. The new time-release complex works with the tanning ingredients for a smooth, flawless self-tan. Shea butter, Vitamin E and Green Tea soothes and hydrates the skin with a light scent of fresh vanilla.

The application process is easy and with a little practice, you are assured to acquire the “perfect” self-tan. Here’s how to apply: 

  • Shower using an exfoliating body scrub and dry off thoroughly. Don’t apply moisturizers – they tend to dilute and diminish the effect of self-tanners.
  • Start by applying the lotion in a circular motion to your thighs. Blend down lightly over your knees and then around your calves. Blend a small amount of the self-tanner in a downward motion over your feet, paying careful attention to blend around your ankles.
  • Using a circular motion again, blend the self-tanning lotion over your stomach, chest, and as far around your back as you can reach.
  • To tan your entire body, blend tanner over shoulders and down arms ending at the wrist. Keep arms bent so that self tanner distributes evenly over your elbows. 
  • Wash your hands with warm water and soap. Dry hands off thoroughly on a dark towel and apply a small amount of tanner to blend evenly over your hands. Thin skin on hands and feet need less – so a smaller amount will work best here. You can use a bit of rubbing alcohol or moisturizing lotion to wipe off excess product on knuckles after you’ve applied.

For more information, or to purchase this product, give Michelle Ford, Aesthetics Coordinator, a call at (309) 243-3875.

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