BOTOX Cosmetic: The Myths Revealed

Posted by Aesthetics on Aug 25, 2016 8:00:00 AM

BOTOX Comsmetic Think you know everything there is to know about BOTOX® Cosmetic? Think again. There are dozens of myths that surround this highly valuable aesthetic treatment, and we’re ready to bust each and every one of them.

Myth: BOTOX® will freeze my face! 

This may be the most common BOTOX® myth in existence, and it’s also the most damaging. The idea that BOTOX® will leave you expressionless has likely kept so many patients from experiencing all the wonderful benefits BOTOX®has to offer. When applied sparingly by an expertly trained BOTOX® provider, BOTOX® relaxes only the targeted muscle groups responsible for frown lines or crow’s feet, leaving your other expressions alone.

MYTH: BOTOX® is toxic!

Used correctly and in the recommended dosage, BOTOX® is absolutely safe. It’s made using a naturally occurring botulinum toxin which, when injected into facial muscles, causes a temporary relaxation effect that keeps those muscles from bunching up and causing wrinkles. That said, it’s important to remember BOTOX® Cosmetic is a prescription medication that should only be administered by a licensed medical professional who sources it from a reliable vendor. Never purchase BOTOX® for self-administration or receive injections from anyone other than a physician experienced in aesthetic injectables.

MYTH: I already get fillers, so I don’t need BOTOX®.

That’s like saying you already have shoes so you don’t need pants. BOTOX® and dermal fillers are related but have different responsibilities. While BOTOX® relaxes the muscle groups responsible for wrinkles, fillers are used to restore volume to areas of your face that may have lost their youthful contours over time.

MYTH: BOTOX® is only for deep, easily visible lines and wrinkles.

While most people wait until they already have wrinkles etched into their skin before trying BOTOX® for the first time, new evidence suggests that using BOTOX® as a preventative treatment is even more effective. Think of your skin like a piece of paper; the more you fold it the harder it is to smooth it out, but keep it from being folded in the first place and you’ll likely have a perfectly unblemished sheet of paper for life.

MYTH: BOTOX® hurts.

Nope, not really. BOTOX® is administered using a needle, and it will pinch slightly just like any other injection, but the discomfort is completely manageable and it goes away almost instantly. There’s a reason so many people opt to get their BOTOX® touch-ups during their lunch hour and then return straight to work!

MYTH: BOTOX® is addictive

Some people believe that once you try BOTOX®, you can’t stop, either because the solution itself is somehow addictive or because your wrinkles will deepen or otherwise worsen. Not true. The effects of BOTOX® are temporary; the only danger you face is realizing how you look before and after BOTOX® and falling in love with the results.

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