Warm Weather Prep: Get Body Confident with SculpSure

Posted by Aesthetics on May 17, 2018 2:48:00 PM

Spring is quickly speeding toward the long beach days of summer, and it’s time to shop for a new bathing suit. Are you ready to strut your stuff? If you’re more comfortable in a heavy-duty cover-up than in a pretty tankini, you need to recapture your self-confidence. SculpSure® tackles tenacious fat deposits so you can toss on your board shorts or bikini and hit the surf with your smile (and your swagger) firmly intact. 

Meet SculpSure: Laser Body Contouring Just in Time for Summer

SculpSure body confident for summerTraditional weight loss methods work by shrinking your existing fat cells, thereby reducing your overall size. Here’s the catch: Those slimmed-down fat cells don’t disappear, they simply lay in wait, hoping to capture and retain any stray calories that may wander by looking for a long-term home. Add to that some genetic components that may cause fat deposits to stick to areas no matter how hard you work to burn them off, and you may well find yourself with love handles, saddlebags, or a double chin that simply won’t budge.

SculpSure changes the equation by using a concentrated laser to remove stubborn fat for good. Use this FDA-approved method of body contouring to whittle your waist, smooth out your thighs, reshape your abdomen, and more.

Ditch Submental Fat with This Innovative Double Chin Treatment

When fat refuses to respond to diet and exercise, you’re left trying to find alternative ways to address your problem areas. This is especially true when you’re fighting submental fat, otherwise known as the “double chin.” Overall weight loss can help you reshape your jawline and neck to a degree, but age and genetics also play a role, making it particularly difficult to spot reduce and ditch that extra volume. 

SculpSure zeroes in on submental fat and breaks down those fat cells. As the cellular waste is whisked away by your body’s self-cleaning mechanisms, you’re treated to natural yet noticeable changes to your silhouette.

See Results Remarkably Quickly

The average SculpSure procedure is just 25 minutes long. In less than a half an hour, you can say sayonara to the pesky problem areas keeping you from looking and feeling your best. Spend your treatment time daydreaming about your trip to Turks and Caicos, browsing through a resort wear catalog, or emailing your friends to see who’s up for a beach road trip 

Best of all, there’s no surgery, no stitches, and no downtime, so you can indulge in SculpSure and get right back to your daily routine.

This May, getting the body you crave is easier—and more affordable—than ever. Purchase any SculpSure package, and you’ll receive up to 50 units of BOTOX – ABSOLUTELY FREE. To request your SculpSure consultation, call Michelle or Alicia today at 309-243-3875. 

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