5 Things the Y Lift Can Do for You

Posted by Aesthetics on Jul 18, 2019 9:00:00 AM

70488814_sHave you heard of the cutting-edge “liquid facelift”? That’s what influencers are calling the Y LIFT®, but most of our patients just know it as “that awesome treatment that changed my life”. That may sound like an oversell, but once you see the Y LIFT in action, it’s almost impossible not to be impressed.


Imagine your face as a giant Y. When envisioning this Y, you’ll see lifted cheekbones and under eyes, a defined chin and jawline, with a contoured upper neck. As we grow older, our faces lose volume and that Y shape gradually begins to disappear. The Y LIFT uses a unique combination of hyaluronic acid and a specialized titanium instrument to deliver five major benefits.


1. Restore Lost Volume

Hyaluronic acid attracts and binds to moisture, making it an incredible source of hydration. As part of your Y LIFT, HA draws water molecules into targeted areas creating more fullness and improving the texture and look of your skin.


2. Make Your Cheekbones More Prominent

As your doctor works carefully to lift and contour the muscles, fascia, and fat on your face, she’ll also recreate your natural contours. As things move back into place and you regain lost volume, areas such as your cheekbones come back into balance.


3. Refresh Your Under-Eye Area

Hollows under your eyes can make you look tired or even sick. The Y LIFT treats under-eye circles, plumping up those hollows and helping you look like you got a good night’s rest even if you didn’t.


4. Redefine Your Jawline

Sagging skin around your jawline drags down the contours of your entire face and can even exacerbate smile lines. Draw those jowls up by repositioning the tissue underneath and see how your silhouette changes.


5. Tighten Your Upper Neck

Some people believe that you can tell a person’s age just by looking at their neck. Why give away your secrets? The Y LIFT includes your upper neck area so you can keep being whatever age you want to be.


Dr. Cuite is proud to be a certified Y Lift doctor. To take advantage of her expertise, request an appointment today.


No surgery...no laser...Find out what the Y Lift can do for you.

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