3 Amazing Things You Can Expect From SculpSure

Posted by Aesthetics on Apr 18, 2019 8:38:00 AM

3 Amazing Things You Can Expect From SculpSureFind yourself drawn in by the latest in laser body contouring but still wondering, “What is SculpSure?”

This revolutionary treatment harnesses the power of laser technology to permanently destroy fat. Here are three other things you can expect from your SculpSure experience.

Quick Treatment, Fast Results
Each SculpSure session takes just 25 minutes to complete. It’s done in our office, and you can choose to relax or busy yourself reading email, scrolling through social media, catching up on your texts, or listening to your favorite playlist.

You may see results as fast as six weeks as your body whisks away the damaged fat cells. Optimal results typically emerge within 12 weeks — giving you plenty of time to schedule a treatment now and enjoy a new look for your big day, high school reunion, family photo shoot, beach vacation or other marquee events.

No Downtime
One of the most common concerns we hear from patients considering aesthetic treatments is that their procedure will interfere with their personal and professional commitments. It’s important to take care of yourself, but we also understand how difficult it is to choose self-care if it means missing your child’s softball game or an important meeting at work. Luckily, SculpSure comes with absolutely zero downtime. You can get your treatment and hop right back into your daily routine.

Permanent Fat Removal
If you’ve even been frustrated by a problem area(s) that refuses to respond to diet and exercise, you’re far from alone. Some pockets of fat won’t budge no matter how many crunches or hours of cardio you do — that’s where SculpSure comes in.

This innovative FDA-cleared technology uses laser energy heat to damage the structural integrity of the targeted fat cells, helping to reduce chin fat and reduce belly fat and love handles, depending on the area treated. As time passes, your body’s natural cleaning mechanisms whisk away the broken-down cells, resulting in a permanent re-contouring that gives you that shape you’ve always wanted.

To request a SculpSure consultation, call Michelle or Alicia at Aesthetics at Illinois Eye Center today at 309-243-3875.

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